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Hello and Welcome!

Hi there!  Welcome to the blog for the 3Generate Children and Youth Representatives.


We wanted to create this blog because we want to let you all know what we’re doing throughout the year – we post regular updates here, so you can keep up with the work we are doing!

To keep even more informed, follow us on Twitter so you know what’s happening, when it happens – @3GenReps

Tom, Abby, Sam, Emma, Bx, Rachel, John, Jasmine, Andrew, Andrew,  Josh and Paul


Welcome to 2015

Hi everyone,

Welcome to 2015, all of us on the team hope you have had a good New Year.

The emails have started to fly backwards and forwards between the team as we prepare to meet for the first rep meeting of 2015 at Cliff College in 2 weeks time.

We’ve already started to look at the 3Gen report to Conference in a separate day at the end of 2014. A brilliant time at looking at some of the responses you wished to make in your own communities but also challenge the wider church to take on board. This coming rep weekend I’m sure will touch in this too.

After the Rep Weekend, Andrew, Meg and myself (Bx) Will be heading down to Methodist Council, so we are all hoping the reading comes out very soon! Watch out as we tweet and instagram pictures of this… particularly as we look for the greatest carpet/flooring of the 24 hours.

What else to look forward too? Well ask your local churches, ministers and youth leaders if your area has got a big sleepover coming up and how you can get involved.

On top of all this looking forward 3Gen2015 seems like a long way a way 😦 so why not check out highlights of 3Gen2014 by re-looking at the TV channel https://www.youtube.com/user/3GenerateTV. You could introduce some of the topics into your youth group and send us your views, or just grab a bowl of popcorn and watch the 2015 promo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkSogOBPtrg.

Keep in touch

Bx (Council Rep)

What is the point of Methodism?

What is the point of Methodism for you?

Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or by commenting on the blog below.

Welcome to a new connexional year from myself (Bx) and the whole of the team of Reps.

We want to thank Tamara for her last year in post as Youth President and welcome Meg as the new Youth President.

However, I want to share the unusual occurrence that happened to me today. I listened to BBC Radio 4’s programme What’s the point of the Methodists. It was an interestong look at some of the history of the Methodist People and who they are today.

On personal reflection there was one word in particular that stood out to me. Methodism was born out of an enthusiasm to share Jesus’ love with as many people in as many ways as possible. It is in enthusiasm that the Methodist Church sings songs like ‘And Can It Be.’ Even today we see enthusiasm in the work of the young people in events like 3Generate, or the way the Rep team attempts to advocate the Methodist church to outside organisations or the role of young people in the Methodist church.

With enthusiasm can I point you towards some of the work taking place in the church:

You can download the Methodist App for your phone.

Check out the podcasts.

For the statement from the President and Vice-President about Gaza and a prayer click here.

For all things Youth related (for youth workers, families ministry, 3Generate, The One Programme and many other things.) check out the Well.

Or you can check out the Methodist church website.


Don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.

Today for me as i look to the new connexional year, I am left with one word to inspire my walk with God and the people called Methodist and that is Enthusiasm. For me the Methodism is about sharing God in all areas of my life, with all people I meet, in all ways I can, all my days with enthusiasm.

I leave you with the question: What is the point of Methodism for you?

Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or by commenting on the blog below.

The Methodist Conference – day five


Today marked day five of the Conference (for the representatives!!). It has been a very exciting and busy day, with a lot of interesting items of business that have been discussed. If you would like to find out more please do watch the video above. I apologise in advance (or if you have already watched the video, I apologise) at how tired I look in this video, but it’s only because I have had a brilliant day! Enjoy 🙂

the Reps x

The Methodist Conference – Day three and four


Good evening everyone!! First of all I would like to say sorry that we didn’t report back to you last night but today you get two for the joys (instead of ‘price’ as you aren’t buying anything!!) of one. There have been some very interesting items of business that have been discussed over the past couple of days, to find out our highlights please do watch the video above.


Over and out. Good night, the reps x

The Methodist Conference 2014- Day two


Today we were blessed to witness the Reception into the full Connexion by the receiving the Ordinands into Connexion. Such a lovely, celebratory, beautiful service, which enabled the Conference to join together for fellowship and the OPPs led some amazing prayers!! Go OPPs. After the service, I had the pleasure of going to the Ordination service at the New Testament Church of God in Handsworth. To find out more about our day, please do watch the awesome, unedited (authentic) video above.


The Reps x

The Methodist Conference 2014 – Day one


The Methodist Conference 2014 officially begun for representatives at 14:15 this afternoon! This year the Conference is being held at the Hilton Metropole here in the lovely Birmingham! Please click on the video above to find out our highlights (me- Tamara, Youth President, Jasmine, Paul and Joshua – the Conference Youth reps) and if you would like to keep up to date with the Conference please do follow the hashtag #methodistconf or you can live stream it (Yes I said live streaming, we are that cool!!) from the Methodist Conference website! So here me and the reps are signing out for the evening but please do keep up to date with the blog for more on how day two goes!

The Reps x

Who Am I? Andrew Fairlamb

Who am I?

My name is Andrew Fairlamb and at the last 3generate, I was elected as the newest representative to the Methodist Council, a role which I start in September 2014
My blog posts on the 3generate blog will mainly consist of things happening at Methodist Council meetings and decisions taken by the Council.

But a little bit about me;
I was born in a little town called Beverley in 1993, and was bought up in a footballing household, which I absolutely love; it’s a total passion of mine, whether playing, or watching my beloved Sunderland, I also enjoy a lot of American sports, I love to watch Ice Hockey and American Football, I possibly shouldn’t stay up so late watching them at times, but it’s worth it! (When they don’t lose). Along with a love of working with Young people seeing themselves willing to love Christ and willing to live their lives for him.

At the minute I’m currently waiting to start my Theology degree in September at Cliff College, theology and the whole process of “thinking about God” has really interested me, and often changed my views and perceptions about life, and people. But currently I work part time at my local Morrison’s.

I’ve been a Christian all my life, and after a few “interesting” experiences a few years back my faith was thoroughly tested. Now I can confidently say that I and God have a wonderful relationship allowing me to push myself to do things like represent all the young people of the Methodist Church, and thinking about the decisions that will affect you.

I think that’s all for now. I look forward to beginning my work in September and look forward to seeing all of you at this year’s 3Gen!

God Bless,